The research is carried out by Brainysoft with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.

Financial organization’s work automation

We offer a flexible SAAS-service to increase the profits of your MFO, bank, pawn office or credit union, starting with your application all the way up to loan or credit granting.

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Brainysoft allows you to automate the conventional processes and tune the system precisely to your business needs. Flexible role tuning is a great tool of monitoring your employees, including the accountant. A variety of ready-to-use integrations enable fast system tuning, without having to study all the options and foreign API’s. To get a detailed product presentation, and to demo-test the product, press “Check the details”
Tired of downloading the data from 1C system? Brainysoft solves the problem, automating the interest charge process. An automated upload from Brainysoft to 1C “Accounting” is fully supported. Our software is ready to be transferred to the Unified Chart of Accounts in compliance with the requirements of the Central Bank of Russian Federation. Press “Check the details” if you want to get consulted in detail on the matter.
Looking for new ways of business development? Brainysoft offers integration with the best lead generators, providing increased traffic and output volume for your credit portfolio within the shortest time possible. Data reports for applications and contracts in accordance with employee performance are an essential attribute of the system. Press “Check the details” to try out the program’s demo-version.

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Not only have we developed the critical software for the MFO’s of varying sizes, but we have also added many useful external services to the Brainysoft system, such as: data bases, data validation services, statistical and analytical systems, LAN providers, payment systems, CRM, etc.


Brainysoft allows you to expand your application network. It simplifies the identification procedure and the digital document workflow, credit decision making and monetary transactions, establishing the connection with automated banking systems via API, external service-and system connection.

Pawn Office

Bill deposit initiation, flexible credit term tuning, full branch control. Employee rights allocation and full 1C compatibility. This is just a fraction of all the opportunities Brainysoft can give you.

Credit Union

Full support of Credit Union activities: loan and deposit accounting, shareholder entry registration and automated printed documentation generation. Contract of guarantee and security and pledge agreement generation fully in accordance with the Federal Act №353

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Starting from 10500 R per month using SaaS (Software as a Service). Doesn’t require direct installation, can be accessed through a browser.

Starting from 14500 R per month using SaaS. Program core installation on the client’s server is available with increase of contract, application and member volumes.

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